Pitch In For Ukraine is a global initiative fund-raising programme, in partnership with Shakhtar Donetsk and other Ukrainian Premier League football teams, that was developed to provide humanitarian aid to the Ukrainian people that have been devastated by an unprovoked war.

In order to be part of Pitch In For Ukraine, you can choose to donate to the programme and receive a unique branded digital collectible (a “POP”) as a thank you for showing your support. You can click here to view the donation selections.

The Fiscal Sponsor of the programme is the Kyiv School of Economics (KSE). KSE strives to build the intellectual foundation for a strong and innovative economy of Ukraine. Your donations will be handled and received by KSE via their US 501(c)(3) non-profit subsidiary.

The net proceeds will be distributed via our partners Shakhtar Social, Saving Lives and United24 and will be spent solely on humanitarian aid and infrastructure in Ukraine.


A PoP (Pixel of the Pitch) is our way of providing a small ‘thank you’ for supporting the people of Ukraine during this terrible time. The PoP is a virtual parcel of land from one of the Ukrainian Premier League team pitches that represents a specific area on the field. Each PoP will be branded with the club’s logo and imagery, have a unique identifier and the donors name. Each PoP will come with access to a social media package to help spread the word out there and enable you to show that you have pitched in.

Pitch In For Ukraine maintains complete control over how many PoPs of any collectible asset are issued – if we say we’ve only produced one, then you can be sure that it’s the only one of its kind in the world! Each team on the platform will have a maximum of 153,916 PoPs. How did we arrive at that number? Each pop can fit one size 5 football in its area, which relates to 22cm squared. The area of the average pitch is roughly 7,140m squared giving us the maximum amount of PoPs.

When you receive a PoP from Pitch In For Ukraine, it remains in your account. You can enjoy and own unique PoPs in your secure personal account accessed only through the Pitch In For Ukraine site. You will also have access to a social media pack of assets that you can use to promote your support.
At some point you may be able to trade or sell your PoPs on the Pitch In For Ukraine platform, though this functionality will be driven by demand.
We encourage you to keep an eye on the latest news and social media feeds associated with the programme as from time to time we hope to offer giveaways to randomised PoP owners.

The PoPs may not be sold or traded currently, however we have the facility to allow for trading at some stage in the future, should all primary donations be completed. This will only be available on the Pitch In For Ukraine platform. For your information, secondary trades will continue to provide an additional source of donations for humanitarian aid.

For each PoP sold, we maintain the private keys on behalf of the owner. These keys cryptographically verify control over the PoP. Each PoP is unique and has its own unique identification code.


In order to be part of the Pitch In For Ukraine programme, you can choose to donate to the programme and receive a unique branded collectible as a thank you for showing your support. You can click here to view the donation tiers. After donating and receiving your PoP, you will then have access to a social media pack to help spread the word by posting that you have pitched in.

The type of PoP you will receive will depend on the tier of donation that you make. The tier structure currently has 6 categories that you can view here and each tier has its own price point. Naturally, the larger the donation will result in the award of a rarer PoP.


Yes. If this is your first time making a donation, you will be presented with various payment options after you click the “Donate Now” button, including adding a credit card. You can also edit, add or replace your default credit card information directly in the My Profile section under the Profile icon at the top right of the site.

At this time we are not currently offering donations via cryptocurrency however, this is something that we are looking to provide in the near future.

Owning a PoP does not give you the underlying ownership of the IP in the collectible. This means that you can enjoy them including their images, videos and other files for your personal use, but you cannot commercially exploit them unless the file contains explicit permissions from the artist or IP rights holder. You may, however, have the opportunity to trade your PoP at some point in the future depending on the level of demand. Secondary trading will enable an additional source for donations that will be another huge boost for humanitarian aid in Ukraine.


You are encouraged to copy the link for your PoP and share it on social media to demonstrate your support for the Pitch In For Ukraine initiative. Please use the link within your PoP description and share as widely as you like.

Unfortunately, no. All donations are final since all PoPs are limited-edition digital goods linked to their owner.

No. Your membership will never expire, and neither will any of the PoPs that you own.

No. We do not allow cross-platform functionality. All PoPs must be stored or traded on the Pitch In For Ukraine Platform.


Please contact us if you have any other questions by submitting your query in the email panel below and our support team will get back to you.
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